How much traffic per day a 5$ DO droplet can handle?

Actually I have been using digital ocean since January this year and hosting 2 of my websites. I am getting 10k page views per day in one of my website and in peak hours it’s real time ges up to 180-200 users. It is having 130 post. Containing 40 images per post around under 100kb per foto.

So I want to know this upto what traffic this 5$ droplet can handle.
This has been installed with LEMP and Nginx & REDIS cache .

Please suggest me at what stage I should change my plan. And how can I do it then.

There’s no such limitations defined by them.

It is all comes down to resources usage which you have been provided.

To know how much traffic your droplet can handle, you can run stress test. Simple!

In future, you can upgrade plan by one click.

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Use Load Balancer option in Digital option, so it will distribute your traffic according their load to handle much traffic at a time.

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How to do it?

A general concept is that, “1GB Ram can handle up to 120 simultaneous connections to the server (theoritically - Apache server)”. Nginx is an optimized version of Apache to handle C10k issue effectively. If you installed Nginx, the same 1GB Ram can handle up to 150 - 200 simultaneous connections.
With proper cache system in place and by limiting the no. of requests per HTTP connection can increase the RAM performance.

Practically you can fix 80 visitors per GB Ram. Also you should allocated some RAM to system operations, Firewall, and additional utilities. Now you can calculate on your own and come up with a decision.

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Every day in peak hours it easily handles up to 180-200 real time users. So I want to know if it goes 250 then should I upgrade it .

It is configured with nginx and redi s object cache

I have given you theoretical calculation, so calculate it accordingly and increase your RAM.
Lets use 4GB Ram to handle your traffic. It’s enough and with every increase of 80 simultaneous visitors, add 1GB Ram to the system.

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Ok sir ji thank you

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With droplet you will also have to have database to. Database cost extra so I don’t think $5 is the actual amount of hosting in digital ocean. @GulshanKumar please clarify how much the person actually pays to digital ocean for hosting a wordpress website that has a database.

Have you never opened digital ocean. Is one droplet charge is 5$+18%GST =5.90$ I am paying for this. I have two droplets so I am paying 11.80$ every month and nothing else.

Everything is saved in its droplet. That is a VPS i.e VPS here called as droplet .

What about charge of database, mysql database is needed in wordpress site.

Well, many prefer to keep DB on same server to have affordable setup. For WordPress, we do not necessarily need to offload database to different instance.

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It is the first step for a scalable architecture.

Moving the database to a different instance will improve CPU utilization in both places, making efficient operations. To minimize latency, keep both the server and database in local private IP (much like your laptop and smartphone in same WiFi) and you will have wonderful user experience.

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Thanks for the valuable information. Much appreciated.