How much you earn with adsense only


Hi guys just curious to know how much you guys earn with adsense per month. Hope many will answer this question so that others wo don’t earn will get some motivation that it is possible to make decent money with adsense every month.

Do mention are the earnings from english or hindi blog.


Currently: $0.0 something… but soon I want to change this.


I use AdX, which works little well for me. Further, Affiliate is the more reliable source for me. Thanks to everyone for their kind support.


Really , you must be earning some with this forum since you are using adsense on it.


Currently Averaging around £2,500.


Ya… little bit just which can cover operating costs.

Note; here I am using Adx. Not to be confused with AdSense.


Monthly $5-$10.:disappointed::disappointed:


10$ to 15$ per day…


How to apply and configure Adx ?


Monthly $125


$700 to $800 per month


How much traffic need for this.


2500 Visitors Per Day!


Does it come from affiliate or from adsense?


Only Adsense! This is the least money brother.


Sir I am getting more than 1000 page views but getting around 0-1$ only sometimes cpc is 0.01-0.03no of visitors are 700-800


Sir give me some tip to get good revenue. And my blog is progressing really very well.


It depends on many factors such as Blog Niche, Advertisers, Target Country etc. You should do a large paper work and A/B Trial to bring more income.
PM me for discussion.


Brother which theme are you using?


This is how it works for Hindi blogs… :frowning: