How to add Hreflang

Hi ,
I am using WordPress multisite to translate my site into another language i.e; Hindi
English site -
Hindi site-

Now I want to link my English posts to Hindi posts so that Google can know that this posts is also available in Hindi

I know WPML plugin automatically adds all hreflangs tag and SEO settings required for multilingual sites but I am using multisite WordPress not any plugin.

Hello Akash,

Why a seperate site?

I found WPML is quite popular, and another plugin for creating MultiLingual is Polylang.

Manual method

I am not sure about every theme but in Genesis it comes with Script option for header and footer (for each posts, that’s important) where you can place neccessary markup as suggested in this tutorial

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I am using WPML previously to translate my posts but switch to multisite. As in future if I deleted plugin or something Went wrong my all posts will be mixed
And also I didn’t able to schedule posts to social networks but in multisite I am able to as when using WPML ,various plugin doesn’t able to differentiate between Hindi and English posts .


What is the expected behaviour you want from social plugin?

My site is Recipes site so I get most my traffic form Pinterest.So i made two different accounts One hindi recipes and other english one. Now i send one english and hindi post per hour to pinterest using social plugin but when i am using WPML , that plugin send english posts to hindi account and sometimes hindi post to english account

It sounds like automation of random article done at WordPress level.

Why not do it externally by manually crafting scheduled post?

Sir, my posts having 20 image per post , so manually sending 1 image per hour is so time consuming and also they charge high money if i opt for external service
By the way i am using FS -Poster plugin it send random post to my all social networks

I just discovered a way. (Sorry! Not sure about Pinterest, I don’t use it)

For example, let’s talk about Twitter.

With WPML plugin, you can make use of “RSS Feed” as per language.

See in action:

// Espanol version of RSS feed which can be used to discovery.

For HGK Forum, I use IFTTT, a free services for sharing new topic on Twitter automatically. May be you can do something like this.


Find any services that allow sharing via RSS feed at Pinterest

I already know this , But Pinterest is major traffic source ,apporx i am getting 171.6K per account views daily on pinterest by sending 1 image per hour to each account. so For pinterest and other reason as well such as Font (In wpml font changing is not easy ) as hindi website require high font size compared to english site.

Also I don’t know any service which allow to send approx 300-400 images daily to pinterest for free as in pinterest 500-600 images per day is allowed

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Is it generating some outcome?

If yes, investing few percent back in your business may be worth…!! :thinking:

I clearly mean - please do not expect free if you need something valuable.

Yes ,daily pinterest send approx 1000-1500 visitor to my website.
see stats of today image till 8pm

Note- stats of english websie
Hindi website has its different stats

1500 views = $1.5 via AdSense

1.5*30 = $45/mo can be made (at least)

Find a tool which comes under budget…

But they charge 99$ to send unlimited image to pinterest example like bufferapp

As I mentioned before (I really don’t use or know about pinterest)

Please check, will this tutorial work?

If yes, you may like this pricing …


I will see this as they are giving free trial, And thanks for this website
Will update u if all works well

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You’re welcome!

I personally use tailwind for all pinterest jobs. It also has an advance feature of smartloop which repins your post on a daily basis.
For that much high quantity you can pay 99$ per year and use the service.
Its little bit confusing at the beginning but works great.
There are other tribes(groups) you can get into and repins some ones post or post your and other people who have similar cotent will repin you. Works great to get some traction very quickyl
You can also pay monthly, less than 15$/ month

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