How to Add Image Preloader in WordPress Like News Website?

I want to know about how the news websites add image preloader in their website for all images?

It is anyhow related to SEO?

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A built-in option in many WordPress themes such as Newspaper, but there’ll be a plugin.

No. It is not.

And you should not look at crap sites to optimize your site for news


It’s not built in feature, because I have seen too on many WordPress sites with different different theme so I can say it’s by Plugin

Its Lazy Loading of Images, You can use any Lazy Loading Plugin, Most plugin contains this feature

@BihariLala is right. It’s a built-in feature that comes with many WordPress themes. However, you can also achive it through custom code and Plugin.

Example: HitMag

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Actually I couldn’t find the option in newspaper theme by tagdiv as said by @BihariLala
Anyone help?

Try this plugin after setting up your custom placeholder image.

This option is available in Litespeed Cache Plugin

Same here didn’t find any options that supports in Newspaper Theme

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@BihariLala Kuch to batao?

Post settings > Featured images > Placeholder

Currently using Jetpack lazyload, so is it necessary to disable the jetpack lazyload module to use it?

Exactly. First, the JetPack module (lazy load) need to be disabled.

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Okay, Let you know by the night. Currently outside.

At last I have found the option in Block Settings> Thumbs on Modules/Blocks in Theme Panel of Newspaper theme.

Now it’s working as other news websites.
Thanks to @BihariLala @PrakashGohel @Ajay_Malik @AbhishekVerma @GulshanKumar @Amlan


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