How to add other bank account in Adsense


Doesn anyone have idea about using family member bank account in adsense? Actually I have made my adsense account and verified with my name and address. But I am not able topen my bank account. So can anyone please tell if i want to add my brothers bank account in adsense then what is the method please tell.
And please tell will I have to change name and address or I just have to add bank account? because adsense is verified with my own name identification name and address. What to do and how to do it? Please someone guide.


@Fresh_Birthday_Wishe yes for sure you can add someone else’s bank account in Adsense. Under Payments, you need to add a new bank account. You don’t need to change anything else in your account.


Is it necessary to add bank account with same address?
One more thing if i have verified my adsense account with my name and my native address Jharkhand but living in ahmedabad and i have bank account from ahmedabad. So can i add my bank account which is from ahmedabd?
Or my bank address should be same of my verified address.
Please reply @GulshanKumar, @DUGGU, @AbhishekVerma, @BihariLala, @Boba


Thanks for this reply abhishek sir.


No, it is not required, you can add bank address of any branch.
I live somewhere else, verified adsense address is different and bank account is from another city.

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Will it not be taken as invalid activity?


No not at all.
@Duggu is using AdSense from last 3 years and earning a good sum from AdSense. Bo problem with it.


I am using since last 3 years, (but, I write with my profile as “AdSense earning booter” LOL!, I don’t have much knowledge, as per the my experience I do the things" - but, I have already changed bank details two times after some issue with ICICI and my both bank account’s are from Delhi, My verification PIN address was Gwalior.

So @Fresh_Birthday_Wishe without thinking twice you can update the bank details having different address.


Thank you so much @AbhishekVerma and @DUGGU sir

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Most welcome… Happy blogging


Thank you sir


Sir please tell me how did you get.millions of page views even after 4 months of starting a blog


At that time, there was zero competition but high search volume. Nothing else. So, picked it up!

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Thanks for replying