How to add second site in Vultr 5$ plan?


Hi All,

I have to add the second blog to my Vultr 5$ plan, could you guys help me in that.



Please see this guide and follow instruction of Serverpilot.


They are not going to remove existing free users who is using ServerPilot right now. (Confirmed)


They also offer free plan so that is not good?


No other free alternative available like of Serverpilot?


Vultr is very confusing, I am getting confused.:disappointed_relieved:


Did you use ServerPilot to install your first WordPress site on the vultr server?


I am using it now.


oh ma ga, have you successfully added the second site in your vultr server?


First I am getting lots of difficulty while creating server. Just now created the third server and trying to install wordpress


using serverpilot?


Yes…I am using the serverpilot


While connecting to the serverpilot I am getting the “Installation failed. Nginx is already installed. We only support installing on clean servers.”

Any suggestion?


are you sure that the server is new?


Just created that server


Is your server OS Ubuntu 16.04 x64?


yes, I have installed that


Got it, actually i have selected the wordpress option while creating server might be because of it, it is giving the error


oh mah ga… :man_facepalming:


Is vestacp consider as Free cPanel Alternative?

If any one has try out Vestacp, could you please share your review regarding VestaCP?