How to add timer on downloading page in wordpress?

(Pruthvi) #1

I want to add 10 sec timer for downloading a file. Can any tell me how we can do that? Is there any plugin for that.

(Manashjyoti Athparia) #2

i’m also searching for this!


Have you tried this plugin?


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@pruthvi Were you able to get solution for what you were looking for?

(CEO of #6

CodePen or jsfiddle link?

(Manashjyoti Athparia) #8

Do you know any plugin that creates an dynamic page after pressing download button and then the countdown starts at the new dynamic page?

(अभिषेक वर्मा) #10

Why you’re changing counter to String.

(I am a love charger) #12

my performance is my performance, none of your performance.