How to async or defer /wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js?

When I was testing my blog. i came to know /wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery.js impact on load time. So can I make it defer or async ? What will be better ? By the way, what does it?
Thanks in advance @GulshanKumar

Many inline and external jQuery language script rely heavily on jQuery library. In that case, it’s critical that it must execute first before its dependent script.

  • Using async or defer just for jQuery may totally break other JS (If not combined all JS together). Sometime, combining doesn’t help especially in case of HTTP/2 and may also arise conflict with other JS.

  • I would suggest ignore it. This is a safest choice to have natural website loading experience.

If you want to go extra-mile …

  • Try Autoptimize (including inline JS)
  • Try WP Rocket (Defer JS)

Yea, I am using WP Rocket and I’ve enable defer and combine js feature. All js have been combined except of it. So I was looking other method to defer it . But I think, I should load it normal.:slight_smile: