How to be top on ts diploma search

Hi, I am using blogger and i want to be top on search “ts diploma” but my link is in 2nd page how to be top in that

What is your blog link?

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Hi @GSSM welcome to Gulshankumar’s forum.
In that case please do the following to improve the rank of your article in Google,

Do proper on page optimization
Make sure your targeted keyword and it’s combinations appear in article
increae the length of your article by adding more information
Add internal links with the most relevant articles of your site
Take back links to the post from the website which are similar with your website category with custom anchor text
use schema in your article
ask for a work from your visitors in your site (may be it’s commenting after your post, social share etc)
publish it as new article in site

After doing these all steps you will notice some positive changes in your article ranking.