How To Build an Authority Site?


I want to create an Authority siteShould I focus on Single Topic or on Multi-Topic? How can I succeed in the authority site


You can be an authority site if you provide good quality of articles in every niche you cover.
For you, this means, highly researched and in depth coverage of the topic. You can hire experts.
And in no time, you can potentially be a authority website. :slight_smile:


First be an authority in a small niche and once that is done… expand that site on other related topics!


Hi, please check this article. This would be helpful.


A good system is first searching for a question that you can’t find a real answer online and answer it. That will bring more readers to your site. Usually some articles don’t really answer the real question to some issues and they just give a general type of obvious solution. If you can provide a real answer then you will get more shares and likes, hence, more views and authority.