How to change author of Post in Wordpress?

So I hired someone to work on my website. I gave him “contributor” access to my website. Now a few articles have been published under his name. I want to set the author to me only. Is it possible?

Delete the user and there will be option to attribute post under your name.

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Dont give him Publish authority. Give the author some SEO mumbo jumbo. Articles should not be published by anyone other than you. Always cross check. I had a friend whose authors had inserted backlinks without him knowing. He found it out after a year.

So yes - get contributors in place. But you can simply make a point that no one publishes anything without your permission and final cross check.

I dont know your outbound link policy but i am a bit paranoid and i have 4-5 people accessing my site. I trust them a lot but even then i run regular outbound link checks with tools. Just to ensure theres no outbound link insertion. Trust and Business are 2 different things.

I don’t want to delete that user since I’ll be working with him for next 3-4 months.

Yeah, the author can only submit the article for review but once i approves the article it gets published under his name.

You can simply Quick edit in all posts and u can change the author from there.

Or u can go to screen options on top of the post and there u will find settings to show authors and change authors.


That’s a good practice.:blush: