How to check Element Loading Report using Browser Console for Mob and Desktop?


Hi everyone,
I have a query. Suppose I want to compare two pages of same site (Like first I will load that page and then I will refresh and load the same page)

Is there any way, I can compare their console reports? I mean As we can see in console about the scripts loading, so how I can compare the two reports?

I actually want to see is there any difference in the elements loading before and after refresh?



If you want to test as Desktop either all elements are loading properly in mobile device or not? There are two ways -

Solution 1.

Step 1. In Chrome, open Console pressing F12

Step 2. Then, press CTRL + SHIFT + M

Step 3. Simulate as Mobile device.

Step 4. Go to URL and Check the Network timeline.


Solution 2. Using WebPageTest tool, check once via Desktop, another time via Mobile device. Ref: screenshot.

I hope this helps.

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