How to Contact Google AdSense Directly via email/chat/phone?

Looks like there are some issues that are currently running in the AdSense system. Most importantly they are unknown about this.
What happened?
Suppose you have a website and now if you’re going to apply for a fresh AdSense account it will be reviewed by them. And it will take 24-2 weeks to be replied.

But if you already have an already approved AdSense account and add a new site in Sites section, it is not able to get the attention of the AdSense team. Resulting 1) your site will not be reviewed, 2) a sweet auto site rejection email will be in your inbox.

  • I got a Fully Fresh AdSense Approval in Recent Days
  • I got my website approval in an Existing Approved AdSense account in recent days

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I have already posted this in AdSense Community Forum, Tagged AdSense on Twitter, and also commented on Facebook. But net result =0
It’s important to notify AdSense about this problem, but they are too Shy to give a piece of contact information in the AdSense Help Center.

But while doing deep research from a week I have discovered that some publishers may have an option for direct contact with AdSense. So, if anyone has please reply.