How to Create a Coupon Site Using WordPress?

Hello Everyone,

I’m new to WordPress and it’s just a few days I have learned a bit about WordPress & how to customize it using some external plugins.

Recently I wanted to start a coupon site where I can share coupons for various websites such as blogging related, WordPress related and much more.

I researched a lot but could not found the best tool that could make me a coupon site without coding because I am not a coder neither I know a bit about web development or codings.

After hours of research, I came across which after researching using some tools, I came to know that it’s built on WordPress.

I want to build the same type of website using WordPress but don’t know what plugin/theme is used for creating such type of site.

Actually I don’t know any coding so if coding is required to make such kind of site, then referring an expert would be highly appreciated.

I have already registered the domain help regarding such a site would be highly appreciated.

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You can find Coupon WordPress Themes. Here are some of them
Coupon by MyThemeShop

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Hey @Whois_Games,

Thank you so much for the WP-Coupon recommendation. It’s looking a theme which is totally built-for Coupons. Now this is the theme that I can use to make such kind of coupon site.

However, the first theme by MyThemeshop is also a coupon theme which I have already used but it’s not quite useful as the second one.

I have just a quick question before I can purchase the second theme. Will I need to purchase just the theme or will I need to purchase further tools too for creating such type of coupons site?

BTW Thank you so much for your helpful reply.

To built the site you can use WordPress theme which will cost you around $80. As stated in their website, there are add-ons too. They are optional and I think you don’t need to purchase it. You can entirely built with the theme.