How to create a download page?

In my blog, I would like to create a separate download page for the particular article.
So how can I create a download page for that? and it must be won’t show in my blog home.

Can you share some example websites? @uraymadhu

If some one click on download button on one of my article, it will take to the download page which has only download link.

Something like Softonic and ApkPure do.

I also use it, but in a different way. Try this :


You can do this manually, or with a help of plugin.

In manually, you need to add a php query that picks up the source url and opens the intended URL and for delay in automatic download(like Softonic and FilesHippo do), you can use META Redirection method.

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Hey, @AbhishekVerma! how did you add this page before the affiate link redirection?

That looks awesome boss :clap::clap:

please see this coding, I think it helps

Just put this
<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="5;url=put your url here with http or https">
before </head> tag
here content="5 means redirect wait time, you can change it to 1,2,3 or what you want.


Do you know any plugin to automate this process?

Anyone know How To make Download Page Like ?

I know how to create it manually, but have no idea to automate it.

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Have you tried No External Links plugin?

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