How to create links like this [PDF] XYZ Topic?


Also is it easy to rank a website with content and a download button to the pdf?
Basically, I’ll be creating a website that provides notes to students. It’ll be written as post and a pdf version will also be available?

  1. Simply upload PDF file with keyword-rich permalink address
  2. Make some internal backlink
  3. Index it.


what if i use the content of PDF as the content for my POSTs and add the button to download the PDF? I guess it’s possible in the wp? also is it going to hard the SEO?


Nobody does so…


If you want, you can …

<link rel="alternate" type="application/pdf" href="/portable/sample.pdf" title="PDF version for this page"/>


So which one will be easy to rank? the PDF version or posting as the content?


Web Page


You mean writing down the content of PDF as POST right? and not uploading the whole PDF


Adding new post, simply.