How to create subdirectory in wordpress site?

I want to create a subdirectory on the main site in Wordpress. Suppose my site is about gardening (example:gardenxyza[dot]com). So it has a layout of a blog.

Now I want to create a subcategory like succulent on the same site example: gardenxyza[dot]com/succulent.

Now the twist is that I want to show different layout that is not similar to my main site or homepage (Layout means menus, sidebar, footer, etc. are different i.e. everything is related to succulent). I don’t want to create a subdomain like succulent[dot]gardenxyza[dot]com.

Is it possible or not? If yes, how to do that.

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Yes, you can have Subdirectory based WordPress.

… as many you want. Let me know what more specific help do you need. In past, we have related talks about creating subdirectory installation at NGINX.

There are simple two steps

  1. Create a MySQL database and its authorized credentials (DB name, DB Username, DB pass)
  2. Install WP File Manager (I am recommending this avoid accidently changing permission) in your existing WordPress, Create a DIR ‘wp’ in Public Directory and put Core files there.

Visit that path and follow on-screen instructions of famous-five mins installation page.

Thank you for responding @GulshanKumar to my query. I am using WordPress on Bluehost with shared hosting. I am not tech-savvy. Can you provide any source having a video tutorial on it?

Please open a live chat with Bluehost team. They can do it for you.

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