How to create updated content


Hello, I have a comparison chart page but it needs to be updated since some of the products on that comparison don’t rank well anymore and some new others need to be added.

  1. Should I create a new page with the new ranking of products and use the same targeted keyword, adding only 2019? (e.g. Best xxxxx of 2019)

  2. Should I update the whole old page deleting several products from the comparison (and adding new products) which will cause deleting anchor links also from the old products?

I don’t know what’s the best. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to create a new page targeting the same keyword and only adding 2019. (best _____ of 2019) What’s the best to do?

Thanks a lot!


Update the existing post


Hi Boba, thank you. Is it a good idea, even though that will mean re-doing almost the whole comparison?


Update existing post will be better. Because it’s already ranking at some point so it won’t be tough further for the updated content.


Thank you Gulshan. I have to figure out how to insert and delete the columns of the comparison you fixed for me, but I will do it manually.

Thanks a lot my friend!


I would suggest, please take backup first and start new comparison chart in in a new draft. Once ready then update in the old post editor.


Good idea! I will do that. I appreciate your suggestion :wink:


While updating the existing content, outdated phrases should get a strike-through or deleting?