How to deal with broken links?

So I found that my website has about 64 broken links but I don’t want to manually update it since it’ll be very difficult to find them. How can I deal with this and avoid the situation in the future?

  • Find the source of each link and fix manually via Broken link checker plugin.

  • Regularly audit your site to reduce load of bulk 404s.

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This is the best option in my opinion.

I am also facing this same issue, I am using redirection Plugin & in 404 tab each time it’s showing different-different URL in 404 on which I haven’t created post on that title & also in category too, from the beginning of my wordpress site I haven’t created a category cricket, press, or world news still it was showing in 404 also I have checked in bing & yandex webmaster for 404 it was appearing there too… .
How to short out this post and category URL 404 issue which I haven’t created??

redirecting 404s to my website wouldn’t work?