How to deal with social account if we have multiple brands

Hi guys please suggest me…

Suppose that I have multiples brands(with some followers)…
For example -
A Hindi site.
A Marathi site.
An English blog.

Now future plan…
Youtube channel for those site
One technical youtube channel
And at last a youtube channel on my Name (Rushikesh Sonawane)

(Note:- At the present I haven’t these platforms but I am thinking on it.)

So… My question is how can I deal with all social accounts. I mean what advice will you give me.

  1. Should I create separate accounts for all of each brand.
  2. Should I create a single account with my name’s profile id.

People should know that I am the owner of all of these platforms.

I am confuse please give me tips. :confused:

Do not make Khichdi. Create a seperate account for each web property. :slight_smile:

For social media, use or

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Thank you dear.

I will suggest using buffer or Hootsuite

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