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How to DeIndex site from google completely and start fresh


So i have a website that was idle for a long time, though the content is still there and indexed on google, however, i want to change the site and start afresh. Google search returns around 12000 results for the site.

i wanted to remove the site from google complete and start afresh, just wondering also will that affect the SEO when i upload new content on the site after deindexing from google?


Are you planning to use the existing content from the old blog on the new one?

Hello, thanks for your reply. I am planning to create new content but in the same niche.

Then just leave the existing site as it is. Focus on developing the new site.

so on the old site i can just create a link to indicate that the site has moved to a new domain or redirect the old domain to the new one?

Does the old site is receiving traffic? Are there are ranked articles?
If not so, just leave it as it is.
add contextual backlinks to the new domain.

Yes it does get not a lot though. I will add a back link to the new site as you suggested. Thanks :slight_smile:

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