How to disable CDN in cloudflare and still use firewall?


Hello @GulshanKumar and anyone else who uses cloudflare.

I know how to use cloudflare without sucuri or CDN. But can u tell me the steps to use it without CDN? I want to use only firewall!



Did you mean?

  • Using Firewall of Cloudflare without CDN?
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This is not possible. CDN/WAF works together.

You can use Cloudflare as a DNS manager, but what you are trying to do is not possible.



yes i meant that only. No online articles for the same. So maybe what mayank is saying is right.

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Cloudflare works two ways…

DNS, Reverse Proxy. You can keep DNS only.

Untill you don’t turn on Reverse Proxy, neither firewall nor its CDN works.

So, the answer is no for your question.

Yes, @BihariLala is right.



lol… I was thinking of using BunnyCDN for CDN with cloudflare for bots protection etc. Does that mean i need to figure out something else for DDos and Bots when using BunnyCDN? Thanks!



U could use sucuri with external cdn. Myself and @Pramod finding good benefits from sucuri. But yes - it will cost $19 with external cdn.



No. You can use BunnyCDN with Cloudflare.



@GulshanKumar But only for DNS right? I want to use DDos and Bots proetection feature of cloudflare with bunnyCDN? Possible?



Please check the linked thread, you will understand in detail how I have been using.



We should drop a mail to cloudflare requesting them to only enable firewall. If it allows bunnycdn then it should allow NO CDN.

Or any other alternative to cloudflare as a free web firewall?



Ah… we don’t need Firewall protection at CDN subdomain. It’s already controlled by third-party hostname. So, we shouldn’t take the headache of it. It services provider responsibility to take care of the protection from DDoS attack at CDN path.

Our responsibility ends at protecting A record (non-www) and CNAME (www) records. That’s it.



Cloudflare doesn’t offer web application firewall with free plan.

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Oh!!! how stupid of me. Till date i was thinking it was CDN + WAF free! I was using it with intentions of WAF.

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It doesn’t block attacks but filter bad browser. In the starting cloudflare cdn works great but afterwards CDN’s are also stop serving caching content which increases page load time.

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