How to disable Google AMP without affecting SEO?


Hey @GulshanKumar!

I have read your post regarding the same

You have discussed two steps to disable AMP without affecting SEO,…

  1. Remove the link rel="amphtml" from the non-amp pages.
  2. Set NOINDEX for AMP pages

I’ve totally understood the step one but can’t proceed with step 2… because I am using AMP for WP

I couldn’t see any option to NOINDEX pages in this Plugin…

Please help me with this…



Delete this plugin. No need to check anything.

Install this one

Start following all the steps.



Okay… Thank you…

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I followed @GulshanKumar steps and I got successfully rid of amp. It is disgusting for bloggers like us. It is actually good for heavy traffic websites like news and some big bloggers getting good page views.
It works slowly but very effective.



You’re welcome!

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I have also done this… Using his instruction…

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