How to Disable HTTP Auth for WordPres Login Page at Vultr Server


Dear Team , @GulshanKumar,

i want to disable Login popup in my wordpress . please give me suggestion
my site url


Hello dear,

That’s a good question. I would be happy to assist.

Would be possible to provide little more information?

  • Web Hosting name
  • Server Type: Is it Apache or NGINX?
  • In your File manager, do you see a .htaccess file?

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i have not seen .htaccess file

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I understand what’s happening. This is completely normal thing enforced due to security reason.

You must take a snapshot backup first before proceeding. This process may take approximately an hour to create.


This will require editing server block file of HTTP and HTTPS both version at


and you must restart your server after following this step.

Watch this video

I hope this helps.



thanks a lot


You’re welcome!



fixed the problem :grinning:


That’s good to hear. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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