How to Enable HTTP/2 with NGINX in Ubuntu 18.04 Server?



Speed Up WordPress (Quick & Simple in 5 Steps!)
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Great tip

(Rajput Moderator) #3

I have 32 websites on the server, and nanoing every server block will take time :disappointed_relieved: any shortcut?

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How many websites 1 GB, 1 vcpu server can handle? I’m just curious…




Not sure. You need to do at each block.

I guess, some kind of search replace may work. Will try it.


10+ WordPress if all site have proper caching plugin and less total plugins. When you add more sites you have to ensure that none of your site overuse resources.

(TechLurn) #8

There is not sites-available folder in my server

(Rajput Moderator) #9

Are you running on LAMP setup?

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im using vultr vps 10usd plan Ubuntu 18

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are you using apache?

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my nginx versions is nginx version: nginx/1.15.5

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What do you get when you enter cd /etc/nginx/sites-available/?

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-bash: cd: /etc/nginx/sites-available/: No such file or directory

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are you using SSH and PuTTY?

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Ok… did you installed WordPress or LEMP with one click or manually everything?

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i have installed Ubuntu first later installed Vesta CP


Sorry, no idea about VestaCP. Please get in touch with their team or see its Docs.

(TechLurn) #20

In Vesta CP

1. Edit the file  in  */home/admin/conf/web/*

2. Look up for these lines: "listen your_ip:443" and add at the end of that lines "ssl http2"

`server { listen 123.45.678.90:443 ssl http2;