How to find a niche that targets USA, UK, Australia etc?

I want to target high CPM/CPC countries through my blog only. So which niche would be better? I always find very hard to select those niches! Can anyone please help?

Search for keywords which have high volume in the US, UK, or your targeted countries only.

Like this, 75% of search volume is in the US only with only 6% of Indian search volume.

But remember that all these keyword tools have less accurate data for India and other countries so you will have to adjust your keyword research accordingly.


To find niche, see Amazon category page, visit Quora, News website, Google trends in USA version.

Discover trending queries and hashtag popular by country using some tool.

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Few tips I can add:-

  1. Find a hobby, people in USA have extra disposable income so people are more likely to buy stuff from your recommended supplies.

2)Tiny houses, Travelling and building RV(camper), Cabins, Rappelling, Mountain climbing, Pet snakes, Retirement plan for 60+years, Etc all these are
awesome niches.

3)You can either target US or UK as the english terminology differs a lot. Try to choose one and move ahead. I have found mixing it gets bad result.
For eg:- A backyard in US is called a Yard in UK. And so on.

  1. Search for atleast 50 topics before you start, many people struggle a lot later on.