How to Find Low Competitive But Very High Search Volume Keywords in Just 2 Minutes?


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Hello everyone,

If you are looking to start a new niche site, affiliate site, authority site, a blog or any other site which will be based on some evergreen content, you will definitely need keywords for that.

Keywords will help you in targeting specific search queries in Google which will give you traffic and ultimately money (if you have monetized your traffic).

Now, there are many different tools available to find keywords and both free and paid tools are there but every tool offers different functionality and it sometimes get very confusing.

So in this post I will tell you how you can find really low competitive keywords (long tails as well) with high search volume and how can you use other sites or your competitor sites to get keywords for your own site.

And I will be using Ahrefs for this.

So let’s get started…

Case 1: You are looking for a seed keyword to start with. It can be used as a category of an existing site or you can start a new site based on this keyword only.

  1. Go to Ahrefs site explorer

  2. Put any popular site in the site explorer… We’ll take an example of TheWirecutter.

  3. Click on organic keywords

    Here all the keywords will be displayed based on the specific countries for which the site is ranking.

  4. Click on KD and set it to zero

    So now you have 588,908 keywords from 2,284,639 keywords. Remember, all these keywords are for USA only. You can change the country also if you want.

  5. Sort the range by clicking on the Volume tab

  6. To find seed keywords or buying intent keywords for affiliate/niche site, put “best” in the Include tab.

Now you will have a list of keywords which can be used for a lot of purposes. These keywords have zero keyword difficulty so they will not be so hard to rank even with a new site though it will not be very easy as well.

For example, click on “best aux cable” keyword which is having a search volume 2,100.’

It has a keyword difficulty of 0 and 95% organic clicks.

Now have a look at the first page results for that keyword and as you can see, five results have just one referring domain while two results have zero backlinks.

This keyword is great as it is a buying intent keyword, 0 KD and good serch volume. The first site of the SERPs is getting 1,831 traffic so just multiple that by 5 as Ahrefs usually show low traffic stats… so that will be around 10,000 of monthly traffic of highly targeted users.

Case 2: If you want to find keywords for a new site or a new category… long tail or medium tail keywords with less competition then do this…

Let’s take an example of “best gaming laptops

Though this keyword is very difficult, you can still find rankable keywords if you are not having an authority site…

Set the keyword difficulty to maximum of 2 or 5 or 10 (according to your ability to rank the keywords).

You’ll find a good amount of keywords with low difficulty and good search volume. These keywords works great as long tails and are not very difficult to rank for.

Another example of keyword “Best headphones” with a keyword difficulty set to maximum 2.

All these keywords are less competitive but with high search volume as you can see in above picture.

You don’t need a very high search volume if you have affiliate or any other monetization method in place.

Keyword “best studio headphones under 100” has 0 difficulty but 1,100 search volume and 95% of clicks are organic clicks.

Google’s first page results for this keyword is having only review sites and the top ranking results are having just one referring domain.

Ahrefs KD score is good for keyword research but always check the SERPs manually also for understanding the competition.

Ahrefs keyword difficulty of 0 to 10 is considered as low.

Also, keyword diffculty score of Ahrefs is pretty accurate so you can trust this. Read this to know more.

You can use the free version of Ahrefs as well for this or sign up for their $7 trial of seven days and export all the keywords so you can refer to them later.

Thank you. :slight_smile:


(I am a magician!) #2

(Gopal) #3

There is no free trail available right now it cost you $7 for7days

(Saksham Kumar) #5

Yes, you have to pay $7 for that but for all the valuable data you can get from Ahrefs, $7 is not a very big amount!

(Gopal) #6

Then why are you providing fake details on your guide…

(Saksham Kumar) #8

Corrected! Happy now, Sir?

(sachin) #11

Can we trust Ahref’s Search volume and CPC for a KW ?

(Saksham Kumar) #12

Search volume, Yes!

About CPC, I don’t deal with Adsense so I don’t have any idea but Ahrefs data is the most accurate as compared to other tools.

For more accurate data, you can try Google keyword planner by running paid ads.

(Rechi) #13

Their KD is based on the number of backlinks only, PBNs always blocks ahref bots…

(Saksham Kumar) #14

Yes, but still, KD of Ahrefs is very useful as compared to MOZ or SEMrush.

(CEO of #15

Thanks a lot @Saksham for giving your precious time in writing this post.

Abhishek Verma

(Myil Raj) #16

Thank you for this informative tip.