How to find websites to link with our post?


For providing outbound links how to find relevent website? how to know to check its credibility?

(Saksham Kumar) #2

Use Google Search maybe? :roll_eyes:


so whatever comes first link that? also what about youtube relevant videos? can we simply use them or need to ask permission ?

(Saksham Kumar) #4

Use them if the embed option is allowed. :thinking:

Check for relevant websites on first page.

(Ultra Noob) #5

Give outbound links to authority sites, but make sure there are not your competitors otherwise they’ll always be ahead of you.


Thanks for info :slight_smile:


what about this bro im confuse now.

(Saksham Kumar) #8

If you are going to use videos of some limited number of channels only then ask for their permission else you don’t have any other option. You just cannot ask everybody and then wait for them to reply as most will don’t even check your msg/mail.


Google search, aren’t those guys are lucky who rank first? :smile: We simply link to it! Just kidding.

Well, I link when I find need to give any reference for in-depth understanding and credits for something.

(Myil Raj) #10

You better create an another site, and write the post, then provide the link as an outbound article.
It consumes time and effort, but it will help you.