How to fix 400 Bad request error in Nginx


Recently I have installed wordpress on LEMP with ubantu 18.04, After that I install installed goddady certificate. But My site is note open. It shows 404 bad error. you can see below.

I think I might have done some mistakes in server configuration. would you please check there is any mistake.

From my side I have check it with sudo nginx -t this command. In reasult there is no any error. So why am I getting this error?


How much time are you wasting?

Install EasyEngine.


Actually I don’t know anything about EasyEngine.


@GulshanKumar lets encrypt ssl is more than enough for a simple blog, right?


Yes, it’s great. Many famous sites are using Let’s Encrypt.


Hello @Rushikesh ask for a refund from GoDaddy, reinstall your server, use EasyEngine.


It’s more than 2 months to I bought it.


And what’s the problem with godaddy? if I have paid certificate why should not I use?


Okay, reinstall your server, you can use godaddy using easyengine


@GulshanKumar and @Paritosh is there any problem in server configuration. As I share the image.


There are a lot, you copied some commands from here and some commands from there.

Everything is mixed up, broken, and it will not give any good performance.


No I only followed this tutorial >>


Install EasyEngine or spend your life solving errors.


Now let me search and learn about EasyEngine and then I will install.


@gopal says EasyEngine is garbage and @anon54276374 pity on people who use it.

Wait for Gopal’s production ready guide instead.

wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee
sudo ee site create --w3tc --php7

That’s it.


and @Paritosh said he is using EasyEngine temporarily only


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How about switching to Cloudways with DO/Vultr if you’re unable to deal with these errors? If you’re a blogger, I’d recommend you to get a host like Cloudways and focus more on content.


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