How to fix 400 Bad request error in Nginx


Laakh take wali baat

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EasyEngine is self hosted CloudWays (lmao)

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achaaaaaa :laughing::sweat_smile:

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How much EasyEngine paid you?

I think you’re



I may hate everything about cw…

But one thing is there special

  • Real time - live support, backup, restore, clone; which eliminates the frustrating moment.

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using EasyEngine beta on production site and it is flying omg

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It’s good enough for newbies and apparently better than Bluehost.

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yes you leave some scope to reply back :face_with_hand_over_mouth::hugs:

thanks :slight_smile:


Haan bhai


May be best for marketing (a process of scamming for money)

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Rushikesh ki koi madat kar do ya fir easyengine install karvao


Yes, i understand
Sounds great! But hard to trust third party when they will pull leg (dhokhaa denge)

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Rushikesh is wasting his own time. If he is unable to figure out how a unmanaged WordPress hosting works and he is serious about blogging, he should consider moving to something like Cloudways rather than installing EasyEngine.

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2 commands only yaar, then he will never need to open putty

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I was getting 1 sec TTFB on cloudways and they never fixed it. big scam

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It’s your job not Cloudways’

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dear it was fresh wordpres install

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Your server was probably overloaded, your didn’t implement proper caching, you tested from wrong location.

Or you’re expecting too much from cheapest plan.


Can you provide me server login credentials, old host cPanel? I will migrate in next few minutes

Email: admin at

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only 1 site on $5 server