How to fix 400 Bad request error in Nginx


nothing like this yaar, even I chatted him with three times regarding this and they said “fixed” but it was never fixed.


I was going to say “zaida kush maat hu kahi rona na pare bad mei” and here we go.


It seems any issues in server block configuration.

Make sure PHP version is correct.


Ya its 7.2


Which guide you followed to install the webserver?


They are good for nothing. Don’t expect anything special. They can fix your htaccess, SSL error and cache at max. Do not expect technical response from their live chat. However, the senior engineers are familiar with what they do.


Can you paste here server block code?


here it is >>>>


ok wait


plz provide me command.


sudo nano /etc/nginx/sites-available/default


Show the output of this


would it be ok if If send the screenshot of whole output. Becuase it dose not copy.


Yes show that


It’s too long how can I share. and even it is cot coping.



@anon54276374 t and @GulshanKumar


I had provided steps long back but you didn’t followed.


Sorry but I was unable to understand it.


See dude I don’t get it how are you screwing up things even when you just need to copy paste things and apply a little brain.

Go reinstall the server and follow Gulshan’s guide, I never trust any Hindi site with geeky stuffs.