How to fix margin problem in the astra theme?


Recently I started using Astra theme. But I am unhappy with the margin of text in the content box.

I am sure is it margin or padding? So, let me explain?

Above you can see whatever I write, it shows on the middle of the content box. Hence only a few words are fitting in one line, which makes a post longer at the bottom and paragraph as well.

So what I do? In order space from both sides is minimised. And alternatively, more words will also fit in one line.


Please share that web page URL, need to check.


Bro that web page is in the edit mode. I am working on designing now. So, I have no any URL to show you for reference.


I would recommend checking with Firefox / Chrome Inspect element tool. It can give hint.

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Ok let me check.


I think this options is only pro version. here it is

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.ast-separate-container .ast-article-post, .ast-separate-container .ast-article-single {
    padding: xx;
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Thanks @anon9455539 so this is what I was looking for?

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