How To Fix Pure Spam Penalty?

Hey HGK Members I need Help About Pure Spam Penalty
How To Fix It?

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Hi Sunneet, fix your site, prove it wrong and request review.

Do you use article forge type of service? If yes then you have to check article line by line and rewrite that and fix it.

I am not using any tipe of copied content but still i got this panelty :expressionless:

Either you have done something or your site is hacked! Fully check everything before submitting for reconsidreation.

Few years back, I got a manual penalty for unnatural links. At that point of time I didn’t even knew much about link building and I did not create any links to my site. I did nothing, even then I just wrote to Google that I have fixed everything and applied reconsideration request, and guess what, they approved the request.

Sometime Google is drunk

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Still not fixed :neutral_face: