How to get 5 stars rating at Fiverr?


Working on Fiverr is a responsible task. In my view, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Meeting client requirements and delivering better experience is itself a big deal.

What make me afraid? If someday I failed to understand a client. I don’t want to run into hit and trial.

If I know something 100% for sure, then I will show its Gigs else no.

Remember, a client site is not a practical lab. One minute of downtime can increase heartbeat of your client. It’s better to do things carefully and very transparent way.

Here’s my 6 tips.

  1. Write precise Gig information. For whom this is, what you will do, what you need to complete the task, why they should hire you, your terms, etc.

  2. If you are uncertain about any Gig, always mention in the first line (Please contact me first before placing an order). This is much better, because you may not be familiar with client provided enviroment. It’s better to deny in first place rather taking risk. If you cannot do something, offer an option or deny it. The more you delay in conversation, more uncertainty you will create.

  3. On Fiverr, as you receive any order, immediately must verify that provided requirements are correct. If you do delay, client may go offline by chance and you would regret. At the last moment, you may get late in hurry up. That is not good.

  4. Be professional, please don’t be yes man. Just accept only what you can do 100% for sure. Even if you create just two gigs and do well, that is sufficient to make weekly pocket income.

  5. Focus on delivering best. When you are at work, you are a services provider, and your client is boss. Respect the time and expectations. Update about work as long you go.

  6. Communication: Be precise, no emoji. Listen more, speak less.

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Thanks for expressing your kind love.


Yes, please feel free to ask. (Except very personal question). I would love answering.


I hired lots of folks on fiverr…and gave them 5 star always


If they serve best, we should offer fiver stars. I think, at Fiverr most sellers try to give best services.


I know several top fiverr SEO freelancers, they just outsource their project to upwork’s freelancer and vice-versa…


That is not true! People like you are very rare at places like fiverr. Most of them just try to get the money and nothing else!


I personally hired someone two times for a personal site work. Overall, it was a good experience.


I hired someone yesterday, I gave her 5 star.