How to get over bad backlinks?

In my initial days, I had made a big mistake that was buying backlinks from Fiverr…

I know this is a very stupid move for building backlinks, That time… I only know that backlinks are the most important thing is SEO.

After when I realized that then I disavow the spammy and bad backlinks using Google Disavow tool.

But this didn’t work, My backlinks no. still the same and increasing… I know Google only ignores those Disavowed links, don’t remove them from SERPs.

It has been 3 years but my website is still getting very very low traffic… Not even got Google Site links with a unique name…

I used the Google Disavow tool two times, But still didn’t help me…

I just want all your guys to explore my website and share suggesting… And how can I get over these spammy backlinks…

Domain name: even lost 80% keywords ranking…

This is how your site looks?

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What! It was working fine some time ago… Let me check what is causing the error.

If you have disavowed the Fiverr links, then you’re fine! Google now automatically ignores all these bad links.

But it looks like the main problem is in your content.

You are targeting so many categories which do not work nowadays.

And I selected a random post and look at the number of mistakes. There are so many grammatical errors, and it is not quality content.

We all think that our site is the best but is it really best for the users?

Work on the content, improve the design (don’t copy other sites), optimize on-page, and then work on backlinks.

There are so many things which you need to fix before starting to look for traffic from Google.

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It was a plugin conflict… Now solved…


But it is all about to make money online and blogging.

I know my English is not so well and I always make mistakes in writing…

Thanks for this suggestion, You really caught the right problem… I will surely work on the areas you suggested… Thanks


Impressive blog design, nice font, great content however some grammatical mistake.

Dont think too much… Keep it up!


Thanks, Gulshan Kumar! You really motivated me… Left job finally, And going to focus on blogging and start working on my weak areas…

I was in stress but you motivated me…

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@GulshanKumar am I targeting multi-niche or it is all related to each other?

Your blog is in the Blogging niche.

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I think a little bit more keyword research will do the trick. Your titles are not the best. Content seems fine, you can improve using grammarly. even better if you can afford premium else free would also do.

I think sites on making money doesnt work that great as google doesnt promotes My life My money types site until and unless they are sure the content and user is genuine.
Also, first of all improve the title tag, I have found something that starts with a questions usually does well.

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You got this right, In initial days, I didn’t care about Keyword research. But now I am spending huge time before writing a blog post.

I am using Grammarly’s free version… I always take its help while writing… Even, I am using Grammarly Keyboard on my android photo.

Sure, I will work on your suggestion… Thanks…

I have also left my job this year in February month and only concentrating on blogging. By the way I am running site in hindi.
And I am enjoying my life and very happy.


I concentrate on writing good content mostly and I invest most of finger in writing quality content. My content is mainly for students.

I try to write content so that google will create more keywords relating to my content and rank it on Google.

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Your niche is very competitive. Ranking for those keywords need more efforts, link building may help.


Here are 4 steps to remove bad backlinks for your website

  1. Identify your bad links (you’ll find how exactly from this article).
  2. Search for the contact information of the website you have the link on.
  3. Contact the webmaster asking him to remove the link. …
  4. Disavow the links and upload the file to Google.

This is exactly what I do. :open_mouth: Thanks for sharing! :+1: