How to get rid of Adblock Users

I have 25% Adblock users on my blog. It decreases blog revenue by 25%.
Is there any way to get rid of it?

WordPress user Install and Config it

By the way, TOI has better anti adblocker popup

Need anything for blogger :grinning:

There are html anti adblocker presents, search on YouTube

How did you know how many of your users use Adblock ?

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Hai @GulshanKumar thank you for letting us know abput admiral but they are charging $120 per month. For new bloggers it’s an additional expense per month, even most of the new bloggers don’t make more than $100 in a month.

As far as @rajdeep referred plugin has only 600 active installations and plugin was not updated for more than 3 months. So you guys tell us about any active plugin we can use at free of cost or else an alternate way . Thank You

The plugin doesn’t need frequent updates. And I am currently using it on 5 sites.

Okay @rajdeep will it affect loading speed of blog?

As I am using and nothing found anything which may cause loading problem.
However, if you’re using cache plugins then you need to take a little bit of care otherwise any adblocker users generated cache HTML pages will be served to non-adblocker users. So, non-adblocker users may get anti adblocker popup.
Chances are low but sometimes it may happen. I’m using LS Cache but no issues till yet.