How to Hide Whois Information of .info TLD domain?


Hello guys,
(This post is a bit off topic but I need help and I don’t know who to ask so I am posting it here, please delete it if you want)

Last year, I purchased a domain from nextraone (there was a Rs.49 sale) and asked them that I also need whois protection with it but they said that ‘.info’ domain can’t use whois protection(only .com and some other domains).

After purchasing the domain I started getting calls and sms from various agencies about services like web hosting and other stuff.
(I know I was a noob when it comes to domain protection and management but that was not my first time purchase, I have used compainis like godaddy and not had any problems.

So now, my whois info is posted on varions sites and whenever I search my email in google it gives webpages with my info like address, phone no. Name,etc

So what should I do now?
There were 3 sites, i emailed one site(cutestat) and called a person from other site, he told me to send my email to him and he will delete it, but page is still accable.

Is there any DCMA type thing for removing our personal info from google’s index? Or is this normal and I am worrying too much?

Thanks for reading this, any help will be appreciated.


Let me be honest,

As soon as You have a Good email id and a Good street address, You can add a bogus telephone number.


Below are possible things you can do!

Transfer your Domain to Cloudflare or Google Domains registrar. Why? They provide Whois protection. Not sure especially about .info, check with them.

Once transfer completed, the information will be hidden automatically at Whois Checker. Sometime, you may need to click on the update to do quickly.

Get another phone number and e-mail. Because once you given real data to domain registrar, and didn’t taken whois protection in the first place - There is no option to stop it. Data broker sales information at dirt cheap price. You cannot do anything except being pro-active to obfuscate the possible live information.

Enable DND on your Phone by calling 1909.

Use Gmail Filter to prevent spam like "We are leading web hosting company in xyz… ", etc by matching text string.

At your own sole responsibility, if you don’t mind sharing permission to access Gmail, you may use Mailchamp of Jio. This usually requires permission to scan Inbox and unsubscribe in one go. Or, search for labnol Gmail unsubscribe script!

All the best!! :slight_smile:


They won’t remove data at any cost so the best suggestion I can give you is to change your contact info or enable Strict DND.

I’ve been through this once and am Still getting calls every now & then even after 3 Years. I have full DND enabled but that only helps very little and apart from that, I’ve discontinued using the email address that I used to register a domain that was visible on whois.

For contact number, trust me when I say that I kept it switched off for almost a year and still somehow their automatic systems didn’t kick out my number from their database.


The problem is that the domain expired last month,
and the 1st site removed my data, only cutestat has my data now.
I have emailed them also, hope zthey remove my data
Thanks for your help guys:)


Even if they do so, the data will still remain in sellable CSV database and problem won’t actually solve for You.