How to hire writers with security?

How do you hire a remote writer without fearing that he/she won’t distribute the articles written for you to someone else in the same niche?.

I have different websites and it’s getting hard to write the content for all of them as I don’t have experience in everyone of them. So, hiring some writer’s may help. But there is always a risk.

Hope others connect as well.


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I quite didn’t understand.

What use of plagiarism software will be if the writer distributes the content which he/she wrote for me to someone else after sending it to me ?

Writer writes good content -> Submits to me -> Later, submits to someone else (wants to earn more by doing less)

You can use plagiarism software to check content overtime and then if you find anyone copied your content just report them to Google or talk to them that this content was owned by you and blah blah. I think this is the only way.

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Yupp. I guess have to go through only general ways.

I was thinking of signing a contract but remote writers may or may not respect it.

Anywho, thanks for replying.

I deal with a lot of content but I never had this problem so unless you hire shady writers from UpWork or some online place (blackhatworld type forum), you will not going to have this problem.

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I agree with you @Saksham

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Someone please suggest where to get writers?

Depends on what quality you want and your budget.

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Yes, but where can we get them?

Hire writers who do research by actually talking to people or to the source directly. Many writers do their research by gathering information already available on the other websites.
Then they bend the words to their own understanding and present the article to you.

Platforms: Freelancer, Upwork, LinkedIn
Fiver sucks.

@Ape21 It completely depends on the quality of writers you hire. Being a part of the content writing industry for many years now, I know lot of writers who treat writing as a money making machine. They churn out thousands of words of content daily to make quick money without putting in enough efforts in researching or proofreading. Such people also would not mind sharing the content written by you with anyone else by making minor tweaks and rewriting so that the content cannot be traced by any plagiarism checker.

@Ape21 @imjitthu On a side note, if you are looking for original well researched content, let me know. I would be glad to work with you.

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