How to host wordpress on multiple servers


I just test ping of website on keycdn tools
And see that website has a different IP address for every country. Here is the screenshot of server ips

So here is my question @GulshanKumar how to assign multiple IP addresses on one website in my opinion. Otherwise, you tell how to do that different IP address for every country?

Please solve my query as early as possible.


The fastest way to achieve it for a static blog is here …


Can i activate on wordpress website without Cloudflare.


It’s possible. Which type of options are you seeking: Free or paid?


Obviously Paid…

If you have time tell free version.

@GulshanKumar Tell me please.


What kind of budget do you have in mind?


I do not have nay idea about it so can you tell me how much it cost per month.


You can:

Either buy separate VPS and set up Application servers with a common database
This will cost x times more than Your current setup (x being the number of replica servers you deployed)


Assign multiple IPs to the same server and anycast broadcast them as geolocated IPs for website.
Average cost of IP is $2 for most providers while some offering IPs for free and some charging much more than $2 so You can probably ask them for geolocated IPs and they’ll assign you accordingly. Then use a client like BIRD with a private ASN and broadcast them depending on their geolocation. This is a lot of technical work but should cost less than the 1st solution.


How can i do that on digitalocean Droplet?
Do anyone have any idea about it.