How to Implement Silo Structure in WordPress? Is there any Wordpress Plugin?

I want to use silo structure on my new site, Does anyone know the process for WordPress site?

and what is the best CMS to implement Silo?

You can implement it in WordPress.

To make a silo, use categories (you may no-index them, we’re using them to create silos).

Now, you can put the main silo categories in the top navigation. And on the homepage.

Then start creating one silo. In one category (silo), posts can be linked to each other, but not to any post of another category. All posts of one category should be linked from the parent page.

Within any post, make sure to only interlink one silo posts (like in the sidebar, in related posts, etc.).

Link to low-value pages only in the footer (like about, privacy, etc.).

To check this is working, you can run Sitebulb crawl and look for Crawl Maps.

You can read these two excellent articles on this topic to understand better: and


Thanks for the Info.
For individual posts permalinks of silo…Can I use post-name permalink structure (or) Is it better to have the Custom Structure (Category base)?

Post name permalink is fine.

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do i need to first create silo page and redirect categories to that pages… or just categories are fine…?