How To Import MySQL Database In MariaDB


I have installed my WordPress in ubuntu 18.04 with LEMP…

I want to migrate my WordPress site so that’s why I need to import my Mysql database.

I was using PHPMYADMIN befire that’s why I am new in MariaDB.

Can anyone guide me?

mysql -u USERNAME -pPASSWORD DATABASE_NAME < /path/to/backup.sql

For example:

  • Database is ShoutMeOuch
  • Username is Paritosh
  • Password is bkDeym8GbQ479G4p
  • Path is /var/www/html/backup.sql
mysql -u Paritosh -pbkDeym8GbQ479G4p ShoutMeOuch <  /var/www/html/backup.sql


You can use phpMyAdmin with MariaDB.


Thanks, But I already did using MariaDB.

I was not aware of using Phpmyadmin with mariadb but i will use in future


Use this guide to install phpMyAdmin [Guide] Install phpMyAdmin for Cloudways Application Database


Thanks for your guide…


This topic would be helpful.


You can do 2 things:

  1. If you have the dump file then directly import into mariaDB

  2. Install phpmyadmin and import using it.

Solutions for both are posted above and are relatively straightforward.