How to improve CTR on google search?

Does anyone have any Idea to improve blog CTR in google search?
I have only 6.9%.

6.1 is really good!
Improve and tweak titles.
Improve snippets to win rank 1.

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it is already very good (I have 5ish)

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6 months before it was 9.5%.
Traffic doubled in last 6 months but CTR decreased by half :frowning_face:
Impression increased 2 times.

2 years chart CTR Vs Clicks
CTR is decreasing while Total clicks increasing :innocent:

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Its very common. @Ankur

When you write more content and start ranking, dropping CTR is very common as your impressions increase.

Few things you can do:
Try to beat competition and improve your ranking
Catchy Titles to stand out
Add videos to get special treatment by Google
Add FAQ section in blog posts.

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If you wish to improve your CTR from Search Snippets’s the only thing is to optimize your Meta-title and Meta-Description.
You can use that tool like “Coschedule Headline Analyzer” to get the impact score of your Titles.

Tips to Improve CTR:

  1. Create Emotional Titles
  2. Create How to (Question-biased) Titles
  3. Create Listicles

These types of title’s are having more attraction towards the visitors’ perspective and chances are higher for more clicks from the search engines.