How to Improve Page Speed

Dear Team,

My website take more time to load (around 30-40 seconds) … total request is 48 . when i check site looks every thing is normal .

Using Generatepress theme and deleted unwanted plugins still site is slow.

Server : Vultr - 32 GB 1GB Ram

My Website URL :

Can i Delete all content and start fresh .

Looking your support

Most probably, you have wrong configured auto-optimize Wordpress plugin and other cache plugins. Please deactivate them and see the results.

Deleting content for this task is not required in any case.

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Also, it is probably due to ads. Try testing after disabling ads and clearing cache.
Use properly resized images:
Half of your site’s size is from two images (~550 kb)
you should not be using WPO Super Minify when you are using Autoptimize. Also, use CDN, like bunnyCDN. It has nominal traffic charges.

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The ‘response time’ of Server is slow. To fix

  • Take snapshot of Vultr instance
  • Scan your WordPress application with WordFence.
  • Deactivate all plugin & check again.
  • Switch to a different cache plugin. Example: WP Fastest Cache, WP Rocket

Hello Team, @GulshanKumar, @BLOGGING_SURGEON , @Alpha

I just check with clean wordpress install its also take long time to load,

and cpu usage is High up to 48 percentage

how to solve this ?

A subject for inspection. Please consult a professional system admin for this task. It’s hard to say without looking into server.

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create another server and migrate your site to that.

I just checked your website and the first recommendation is to upgrade your server with at least a 4GB Ram server.

  1. Because WordPress application itself requires some server resources and if you have installed WHM, another 1GB Ram is required for its smoother operation.
  2. More plugins also are the reason for the long load time.
  3. Remove Cache Plugin, Cloudflare, and create a new “index .PHP” file in the root folder.
  4. Now run the speed test so that you can confirm the issue location (Server or WordPress).
    Then, you can take the necessary actions as per the above advice.

Hello Team , @GulshanKumar, @Alpha, @BLOGGING_SURGEON, @MyilRaj,

i have fixed the issue with your help . thanks for the guidance,

how to solve below problems

Thanks in advance

  • Serve Scaled Images with the help of ShortPixel Adapative Images.
  • Leverage Browser Caching by signin in to Cloudflare > Caching tab > Increase Browser cache Expiration time from 4 hrs to 1 year.