How to increase Adsense CTR without compromising UX


Many at Adsense thread discussing about CTR (believe it got deleted) and they have wonderful CTR ranging from 2% to 7%.

How you guys got that?

What are some tried methods to increase Adsense CTR. I have CTR of 0.50% which is less than average of 1%.

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  • Change ad color/ad type
  • Change ad placement

No other ways to improve CTR.


You can use Links Ads this type ads may give you high CTR. I used one link ad below the title and one display ad above the title, both are working good with high CTR.


But link ads have very less CPC.

5 adlink clicks equals to 1 normal display click. At least on my site.


I don’t believe. My average cpc in between 0.04 to 0.06 and some Links ads working very good (cpc 0.10 to 0.17) for me. I also get high cpc ads on my amp page.


It totally depends on niche.


My average CTR is 4 to 5. Sometimes it’s 6. I think link ads make all the difference here.


Without. Link ads. My ctr was 0.8 to 1.5%

With link ads Ctr is. 2.5 to 4%.

And no. of ads on page are still same


Link ads are clickbait and they mislead users so it result in better CTR.


Same with me my CTR never crossed 0.60% maybe it has to do with a video content site. But I am earning good money even with 0.50% CTR I can’t imagine what I would be earning if my CTR was 5% like some users here.


And they result in higher clawback.


My last month clawback is approx 0.63% so. I don’t think links ads will increase clawback.


last month clawback 0.2%


And mine was 0.5 last month.


I never got more than 0.60% CTR


We are in same boat.
Need tips from @sajjad he has 6%
Even @Arshi @iamHappy and everyone has better CTR than us :frowning:


@sajjad tips please?


My ctr never crossed 0.4%. But no one is complaining about that on adsense official forum. That is very strange. I tried all things! Rotate ads, change ad placements, tried link ad units but it seems not working.


My Adsense CTR is High but CPC is down compare both of you, @laalsalaam & @DUGGU. As I said I used links ads below the title , middle of the content and at the end of the content.

As my 95% visitors comes from Google Search, after visiting my website they get some related keywords on the Link Ads and they click. Simple funda.

Links ads give me same or higher cpc than display ads.

Now, you may thought that, my Bounce Rate would be very high. Here is the result.