How to Increase loading speed of blog along with Adsense

Can anyone tell me how to increase the loading speed of my blog which uses Generate Press Premium Theme along with siteground gogeek managed wordpress hosting, bunnycdn and wp rocket .

I recently went through one plugin Pre Party Resource hints and added it to my blog which says according to its developer sam perrow

[This plugin allows users to automatically and easily embed resource hints to improve page load time.

DNS prefetch, prerender, preconnect, prefetch, and preload are all supported.

After installation, preconnect hints will automatically be created the next time your website is visited.]

After Installation I have checked my gtmetrix speed and performance score is 99%

When I check using pingdom test speed and performance was very low.

I was using AMP for WP but this plugin was continuously giving errors, so with the help of @GulshanKumar 's article now deindexing is going on for my posts.

I am not using google analytics which makes drastically increases loading speed, also changed the fonts to system stack instead of google fonts.

So can anyone tell me how to increase loading speed along with Adsense. Thank you

My suggestions for instant improvement

  1. Take a backup

  2. Restore at Linode / DigitalOcean - :india: Indian region server. Leave Sitegound.

Rest, looks good to me. I am 1000% sure, above suggestions will make clear difference when you’ll be testing your site from GTmetrix, WebPageTest or PageSpeed.

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Pingdom is not right tool to check. It is half-baked solution. Simply, it check how quickly DOM load.

Always use WebPageTest or Real Chrome Browser for realistic experience.

Actual performance is 1, 2 or 3 second page load time not 100% grade. So, don’t chase score.

Yeah I will able to move from siteground by coming June only , I have paid for one year hosting.

But youtube embed plugin is not updated for a long time , so can I go for it

Alternatively, Try WP YouTube Lyte. The setup part require 10 mins.

As per your advice diabled iframes lazy loading in wprocket and added wp youtube lyte , but I have a feeling the speed was low compared to earlier settings.

After disabling lazy iframe there, did you implemented alternative plugin for it? If no that can cause.

After disabling lazyload iframe for videos in wprocket , added wp youtube lyte plugin.