How to increase my blog traffic

Hai guys I have a movie info blog running on wordpress with siteground gogeek hosting, bunnycdn,wp rocket,generatepress premium theme , only have 9 plugins but still not able to increase my traffic. Can anyone @GulshanKumar @DUGGU tell me what I am doing wrong .

Recently removed ampforwp plugin which gives lots of errors

My blog -

Thank You

Okay. Let me get directly to the point here.
Having a good hosting, fast website and low plugin count has nothing do with ranking and traffic.

I just went through your website and found a pretty obvious mistake. The article adds no value to the user. Here let’s see everything point by point:

  1. The title of the article is the name of the movie. I guess you targeted it as your main keyword. But what would a user search for to see your blog? If i type a name of movie in google then either i want to know its launch date, theatre timing or review. Now say your title appears in serp for once, why will i click it if i dont know whats inside. Its like naming a blog post dubai. What about dubai? What will i get inside? Will i get how big is dubai, how to travel to dubai or what else?

  2. The article itself doesn’t add to the value. Who searches for the cast and stuff. Hardly anyone. Most people wants review, date, showtiming nearby and similar stuff.

  3. Who searches for a movie launched after few months or years. Hardly anyone. So the problem is you are on a treadmill. You need to constantly keep publishing and your content keeps getting outdated…Thats a big hurdle of growth… Focus on evergreen content if you want to avoid the treadmill.

So, it would great if you focus on your content providing value to the user rather than other aspects like good theme etc. Those help but first is the content.

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Also recommend to check out this thread:-

Thank You Saurav will implement things as per your suggestion but if you look at this site they are also doing the same thing or

Me too blogs won’t rank well on Google. Do your keywords research, create valuable content, try and acquire quality guest blogging for backlinks from high DA domains.

It might work for some news site but let me tell you this its not viable for everyone. Until you have a team of writers who can massproduce content making a site whose content is outdated so quickly can be a bad idea.

@saurav_556 I will create a page which will be updated regularly with movie release dates if possible will create a page which will showcase theaters list.

Hai guys can anyone know where I can get database of movie theaters running list.

Even if you do so you are trying to go with regional movies.

Atleast go global and try all sort of Hollywood, Bollywood and stuff…

Or somethinf with hollywood and webseries can work where you can get us audience and refer netflix and other affiliate program.

I am not sure what type of content will work in this niche, but that has more scope.