How to Increase PageSpeed with AdSense?

The Speed of my blog 's home page is very fast. I have not installed Google Adsense in home page. Bu the speed of blog posts is very very slow. Adsense is running only blog posts, not at home. How to fix this error?

If you’re using Google AdSense, you have one option lazy load ad unit.

Thank you, Gulshan Jee,
I have tried today as you have described in your blog post. But I think it will reverse the effect on earning from Adsense. Coz sometimes AdSense is gone on blank, sometimes on the yellow box, sometimes it is not showing…
There are many blogs that use AdSense and the speed of that blog is very fast. Can I make it like that?
One blog is MakeUseOf dot com
I am not a tech-related guy. Can I make my blog fast with AdSense?
I hope you don’t feel irritated.

Hi Jitendra,

When a visitor access any site let’s say

  • First thing browser download is HTML Document, then it load adsbygoogle.js asynchronously to display advt once DOM (Document object model) get loaded.

  • If your HTML Document load slow, AdSense will surely very low. That’s it.

But how to know if your HTML Document is loading slow or fast?

Please check your TTFB

1000ms = 1 second

Your HTML document must load within 100-200 ms at any costs. If it fails to load in this period of time, that will cause slow experience in most cases.

With some advanced sever setup, I was able to achieve 200ms globally

  • GulshanBlog :star_struck:

This is similar kind of performance you can see at some mega authority site like

  • Neil Patel :+1:

  • Google :+1:

This kind of crazy result is never possible with traditional shared or Cloud hosting. You need to level up your game with services like BunnyCDN or Cloudflare.

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Thank your for Core tips.