How to increase website speed after hosting digital ocean


Use HTTP/2.0 and remove Autoptimize plugin.


Http 2.0 kya hai


Follow this guide: How to Enable HTTP/2 with NGINX in Ubuntu 18.04 Server?


I will not be able to thiS. Error may come


To improve your site performance, you need to enable

  • HTTP/2
  • GZIP Compression
  • Browser caching for SVG files

Please take server level backup first. To enable above recommendation you need edit server block file that is for your domain. You can find related information here.


Sir actually I have already installed LEMP in 16.04 and everything ok but with speed I am not satisfied. Is it not possible to do these configuration in this server only. I will backup and try . Please tell me in detail. I will try that.


Can you provide a speed test report link?

What is your target audience?

  • India
  • UK
  • USA
  • Other

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In details, we have covered below tutorial.

Enable HTTP/2 as suggested by @paritosh

Use the optimized server block that you can find in this topic.


Sir my blog address is



Can fast cgi increase my blog speed


No, I don’t think so. Just follow the above three things, that’s sufficient to achieve good load time.


Please do test from India, instead USA. Do not test from the irrelevant region which is not your target audience.


Sir for applying those three steps do I need to install LEMP once again or I can go with running website.


yes, you can do with current website.

after then, make sure to do speed test from the Indian region.

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Sir do you have detailed steps of all those three methods.
Sir can you make available all the three methode full tutorial video or article with full detailed commands.

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Yes sir gzip compression done successfully. You can check my blog for gzip compression enabled


We have shared information above. . (Already)

Did you tried to any step?


Good suggestion. I will work on that to over-simplify it :smiley:

Tutorial will be posted at in this week.

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