How to increase website speed after hosting digital ocean


We have shared information above. . (Already)

Did you tried to any step?


Good suggestion. I will work on that to over-simplify it :smiley:

Tutorial will be posted at in this week.

No worries.


Damn bro! This forum is more stricter than Stack overflow. lol :joy:


Solution: I have increased trust level for your profile. No worries. This won’t happen again.


I hate Stack overflow community :smiley: They are removing every post which is sent by me.


Sir I have deployed HTTP/2
Now tell me how to do setup for SVG
And gzip compression


Please don’t hate any community just because they are removing your Post. It could be because post doesn’t match their guidelines.


Although my questions are not duplicated, they always set it as duplicated. :slight_smile:

Although my blog is faster than moderator’s blog, he said “your blog is not fast” :smiley:


Because you do not do research.

If your problem is X is not working because X doesn’t work with Y.
And you are asking my X and Y are not working, then obviously you did not research.
But ultimately your question is duplicate of the initial problem.

Once you get enough experience in programming, you’ll realize why stack overflow is what it is today. :slight_smile: