How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast



Thanks @GulshanKumar, this guide is much more helpful for me…!!!

I have a question regarding SEO plugin Actually all In one seo plugin are also same as yoast can you suggest me which is good one for better seo…??

And second I am old user of yoast Can I upadte yoast setting…?? like removing stop world etc that effect SEO because all old content have some stop word when we removed that,They make lotsof redirection…??


The way Yoast SEO Plugin provides improvement-suggestions while writing a content is truly awesome. I have been using Yoast at all sites and never thought to switch to another.

No worries - if you consider removing stop words it will not change your existing blog post’s permalink. Instead, it will reflect changes in the upcoming post while writing permalink you will notice; Yoast will self-exclude stop words.


very helpful for beginner like me


Yes, it’s necessary.


If you don’t want to keep /category/ slug, feel free to remove it. It will make URL shorter.

I prefer avoiding those tricks, because I am afraid if some plugin do not support it.


Recently, WordPress released embed features that allow embedding of self blog post also. This is different than YouTube iframe stuff. While using this feature, I found warning in the Search Console for the path /wp-admin/images/. Therefore, I prefer to keep it allowed since two common rules doesn’t satisfy the need. I see, as most user don’t use embed so this may not be applicable for everyone.


@GulshanKumar I have 2 small doubts. Please clarify the same!

Should I authenticate the following?

Secondly, I am using Affiliate Links Lite plugin, should i be changing “Show Affiliate Links in search results?” to No? Right?

  1. By authentication you will get Search Console crawl error report directly in your Dashboard.

  2. For Affiliate links, keeping noindex is better.


Yoast seo version has been changed. Sitemap settings not available, @GulshanKumar please do update.


do we have to simply and paste the robot.txt file or edit our sitename for


You need to replace example domain with own.

To find sitemap option in Yoast new version,

  • Go to Yoast > General > Feature > Toggle Sitemap button on.


where is all this settings in new yoast seo??


In the new version, you can find this way


Thanks, bro. It is really useful to beginners.


@GulshanKumar Sir Please Update this Post with new Yoast Settings.


Concept is same. Anyway, I will do update soon. Thanks for updating.


This is creating Confusion…


Set Redirect in the new version.


Ohk Sir ji